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As a result of federal laws enacted in recent years, mortgage lenders and servicers are required to maintain flood insurance on all properties located within a Special Flood Hazard Area. Despite the potential for heavy fines to the financial institution there continue to be continued known events of non-compliance!

Generally, no loan in any portfolio is exempt from this legislation.

Lenders Financial Insurance Services provides the following solutions to this growing need for financial institutions:


NEW LOANS - Flood insurance written through the NFIP and "Write Your Own" (WYO) carriers. Can be obtained by simply completing a form, and payment of premium. Lenders Financial does the rest.

FORCE PLACED - Available from the very first day that coverage is needed. No 45 day waiting period - coverage is immediate. Simple reporting and a 60 day delayed billing process makes this program user friendly to both lender and borrower.

EXCESS COVERAGE - Excess flood coverage for individual properties, superseding the NFIP maximum limits, is available.

TRACKING - Complete tracking services for flood insurance policies, including letter writing, force placing, and management reports. For those institutions that currently track insurance policies on a manual basis, or for which upgrading their in-house system would be costly.

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